The college has successfully implemented the new initiatives of the Department of Collegiate Education such as Additional Skills Acquisition Programme (ASAP), Walk with a Scholar (WWS) programme, Scholar Support Programme (SSP) and Community College Programme.

Additional Skills Acquisition Programme (ASAP)


The college offers Additional Skill Acquisition Programme (ASAP), an innovative initiative of the Department of Higher Education of the Government of Kerala. ASAP is intended to enhance the employability of the students and equip them with industry relevant skills. A foundation course and various skill courses are offered by ASAP. The students can choose courses in different areas, depending on their aptitude. The students are given training in skill courses in such a way that the students’ skill-sets match the requirements of employers.

Walk with a Scholar programme (WWS)


The Walk with a Scholar programme (WWS) provides proper guidance and support to students through mentoring and training to define and achieve career goals. It is a programme, initiated by the Department of Higher Education of the Government of Kerala and provides special mentoring and training to students according to their career perspective. The mentoring scheme is planned to identify the opportunities available for the students, the areas suitable for them, the manner in which the student should proceed to achieve them, and to evolve ways by which they can be acquired.

Scholar Support Programme (SSP)


Scholar Support Programme is a new initiative of the Department of Collegiate Education in which additional academic support is offered to students in subjects in which additional coaching is required. The subjects are identified based on the analysis of the results of examinations. Special classes are taken and additional study material is distributed as part of the Scholar support programme.

Community College Programme


The community college scheme is intented to provide education above the secondary level and below the degree level with appropriate skills keeping in view the local needs there by leading to gainful employment and option for horizontal and vertical mobility.